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IOR Aviation Launches New Refuelling Facility at Bowen Airport

IOR Aviation is excited to launch a new refuelling facility in Bowen, QLD. Customer demand has been increasing steadily in the Bowen region, therefore IOR decided to channel its resources into creating a top-notch facility in Bowen. This offering will give aviators in the area access to Avgas and ensure IOR’s commitment to the North Queensland region. The new site

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Case Study | IOR is Fuelling Queensland’s Red & Yellow Heroes in the Sky

IOR is proud to be the premium aviation fuel partner for the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service Queensland; helping keep Queensland’s red and yellow heroes in the sky. Operating since 1976, it is one of the oldest community-based rescue helicopter services in the world. The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service Queensland (the service) has two helicopters as part of their

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Fuelling the Tyabb Air Show

This month IOR proudly supported the annual Tyabb Air Show, held by the Peninsula Aeroclub on the 8th of March. A record crowd of at least 9,500 spectators enjoyed awesome entertainment both on the ground and in the sky above. We’re pleased to share with you some of the event’s highlights and photos. Paul Bennet Airshows organised and ran the

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Bonding Your Aircraft for Refuelling

In everything we do, one of our top priorities is to ensure safety for our team and our customers. In this regard, we’re delighted to share with you information on the importance of electrical bonding and grounding your aircraft during refuelling. When it comes to refuelling an aircraft, the equipment we use and your aircraft both have components in place

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Is your aviation fuel drum fit for purpose?

Here at IOR, we’re committed to ensuring the fuel you put into your aircraft is free from contamination and we’d like to help you do the same. Correct storage plays an integral role in eliminating any contamination and when storing aviation fuel in a drum that’s not fit for purpose, both your safety and the condition of your aircraft are

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