IOR Aviation Launches New Refuelling Facility at Bowen Airport

IOR Aviation is excited to launch a new refuelling facility in Bowen, QLD. Customer demand has been increasing steadily in the Bowen region, therefore IOR decided to channel its resources into creating a top-notch facility in Bowen. This offering will give aviators in the area access to Avgas and ensure IOR’s commitment to the North Queensland region.

The new site offers 24/7 access to refuelling facilities and fuel can be purchased using IOR’s tag access network as well as Fuelcharge – an online fuel payment platform that allows customers to refuel their aircraft 24/7, even in the most remote locations.

Should you have any questions regarding the opening of new facilities at Bowen Airport, please call us on 1300 457 467 or get in contact with your account manager.


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