Who we are

IOR is an Australian family-owned and operated business, dedicated to service and committed to local, hands-on relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We are passionate about making sure our hard-working customers across Australia can fuel up, keep going and keep growing.

IOR was founded in the small town of Eromanga, Queensland in 1984, with the construction of the Eromanga Oil Refinery. It was the vision of Stewart and Ross to expand IOR’s offer with convenient 24-hour Diesel Stops that would service remote areas of Australia. The first Diesel Stop was opened in 2005 in Winton, Queensland. As we aim to serve more customers, in more places, we now have almost 100 Diesel Stops across Australia and are opening new ones all the time.

Our many regional depots are operated by the local community members. They distribute bulk fuel to surrounding communities and regionally-based industries, such as the long-distance transport, farming, local councils, mining and oil and gas.

We’ve always believed in continued innovation to offer the best service to our customers. This has led us to the development of fully integrated fuel management services, fluid storage and handling solutions, such as frac tanks and much more.

IOR Aviation staff wearing high-vis on step ladder refuelling Jet fuel into plane from IOR tanker

Aviation fuels were added to our business in 2014 to expand and strengthen our services to remote and regional areas. We operate several refuelling facilities in rural and regional airports and deliver bulk aviation fuels to our customers’ sites.

IOR is dedicated to safety—for ourselves, our customers and the community—and it is our highest priority. We continuously invest in upgrading our fleet to improve the environmental and safety impacts of our trucks. Our aviation fuels are delivered using dedicated fleet and equipment to minimise contamination.  At the same time, we continue to upgrade our depots and diesel stops to higher standards to improve safety and customer experience.

IOR petroleum diesel bowser with customer scanning IOR Tag to access and pay for fuel.

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Moving into the future

We see continued expansion of our Diesel Stops across Australia as part of our commitment to sustaining and growing our outback communities.  We continue to invest heavily in research and development to provide integrated fuel access, storage and management solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.