We believe that we are more than a fuel supplier and seek to be a true member of the communities in which we work.


As an organisation, we seek to ensure that our growth creates joint value between our business and the community.

Our approach to supporting Australian communities is via three pillars:

  • Direct support
  • Social support
  • Economic support.
IOR Community Suppoort Model
Direct Support

Direct Support

As an organisation, we seek to minimise our environmental impact and ensure that our operations provide direct support to the community.

Our direct support includes:

  • Bringing energy to regional Australia.
  • Providing a quality service.
  • Managing health and safety risks.
  • Managing our environmental impact.

Social Support

We seek to build long-standing relationships and earn the trust of the communities in which we work. This means actively engaging with community groups, and giving back through targeted social investments.

Our social support includes:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility investment.
  • Committing to a Reconciliation Action Plan.
  • Providing all who work with IOR an equal opportunity to succeed.

Economic Support

Through our operations, we directly enable economic and jobs growth. This is done through policies and practices for local employment, industry development and local content.

Our economic support includes:

  • Our local employment program, attracting talent from within the communities in which we work.
  • Our buy local program, providing a direct link between our business and local suppliers.
  • Our engagement with industry bodies that advocate for progressing agriculture and resources industries in Australia.

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