Fuel Storage Tank Solutions

Reliable fuel storage tank solutions that feature rugged construction and require minimal site preparation.

Sourcing affordable and reliable fuel is one thing. Storing these fuels safely in a reliable fuel tank and monitoring fuel consumption is another, entirely.

IOR fuel storage tanks and fuel tankers require minimal site preparation and feature a rugged double-walled construction.

We stock a variety of options suitable for the storage of Avgas, Jet A-1, Diesel, Unleaded Petroleum, and AdBlue. Tank designs are flexible and can be configured to suit your specific requirements. Our range of portable fuel tanks comprises cube, bulk, aviation, combination, and road fuel tanks.

What makes IOR self-bunded fuel storage tanks different?

High Quality Construction

IOR’s fuel storage tanks feature a high-quality, safe, and reliable construction. Tanks are designed and manufactured to comply with Australian Standards and maintained to continue providing high quality fuel storage.

Custom Design and Australian Engineering

We proudly provide the market with solutions designed by Australian engineers and fabricated by our team from our Brisbane workshop. Through a combination of this commitment to sovereign industrial capabilities and IOR’s operating requirements, our team has developed a genuine understanding of the harsh environmental conditions faced in the Australian outback.

Minimal site preparation

Site preparation before the delivery of IOR’s fuel tanks is straight-forward. Our experienced team may also assist you with aspects of the process prior to the tank arriving.

Rapid Deployment and Support

IOR is known for its ability to act fast to support customer requirements. We have a significant stock of fuel tanks that are ready for customer sites and our in-house team can manage delivery, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of your fuel infrastructure.

Our network of qualified service technicians travel throughout Australia, providing maintenance support at customer sites as well as throughout IOR’s fuel networks. This is complemented by our panel of approved contractors throughout regional Australia who are on hand to respond and provide rapid support.

Our range of fuel storage solutions

Cube fuel tanks

IOR’s affordable cube fuel tanks range in capacity from 2KL to 10KL. Suitable for the storage of diesel and petroleum and with their rugged construction these tanks can withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outback.

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Self-Bunded Cube Fuel Tank

Bulk fuel tanks

IOR’s range of bulk fuel tanks are suitable for the storage of diesel and petroleum with standard capacities from 13KL to 110KL. Depending on your business, we also offer the flexibility to customise bulk fuel tanks with pumps, solar panels, and IOR’s fuel tracking technology.

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Aviation fuel tanks

IOR’s range of aviation fuel tanks are purpose-built for the storage of aviation fuels including Avgas and Jet A-1. Ranging in capacity from 5KL to 40KL, the design and construction of our aviation fuel tanks leverage IOR’s knowledge of fuel storage with a particular focus on fuel integrity, safety, and your business’ specific needs.

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Ayr Aerodrome IOR Aviation Facility

Combination fuel tanks

IOR’s combination fuel tanks are purpose-built for the storage of diesel or petroleum and feature a separate compartment and bowser for AdBlue®. Suitable for large transport operators seeking a cost-effective back-to-base fuel storage option for their fleet. IOR’s combination fuel tanks are rugged by design and construction and range in fuel capacity from 16KL to 86KL and AdBlue® capacity from 3KL to 7.2KL respectively.

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Road fuel tank trailers

IOR’s range of road-worthy fuel tank trailers includes a low-profile trailer with safe fill levels between 1.4KL and 1.6KL and a large 24KL self-bunded tanker. Suitable for the storage of diesel and petroleum, these tankers are manufactured with heavy-duty suspension, high profile tyres, and pumping equipment to help you refuel your equipment in the field.

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Fuel Trailer

Rigid fuel trucks

From time to time, IOR has available for purchase or hire rigid fuel trucks. These trucks are constructed to the highest possible standard with specifications that vary depending on customer requirements. One recent fuel truck manufactured is based on a 2017 Isuzu FTS 139-240 4×4 Cab Chassis mounted with a 7KL self-bunded fuel tank.

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2017 Isuzu FTS 139-240 4X4 Cab chassis

Efficiently monitor your fuel tanks with HyDip®

IOR Petroleum's HyDip fuel monitoring system user interfaceFor over a decade we’ve been perfecting electronic fuel management and we’ve made this technology available as an option for use on all IOR fuel tanks.

HyDip® provides automated tank dipping which eliminates the need to climb on top of tanks and the subsequent risk of working at heights. This means you’re able to monitor your stock levels without leaving your desk as all tank inventory levels are available via the HyDip® web and mobile applications.

If you’d like to improve tracking your fleet’s fuel usage, HyDip® has the tools to help as well! Tanks may be fitted with an RFID tag reader that, when activated by a compatible tag, authorises the boswer on the tank before dispensing fuel.

For businesses with high fuel usage, our logistics team are able to manage your inventory levels and schedule fuel deliveries accordingly.

Tailored fuel storage solutions

All businesses are different, so we work with you to uncover and recommend the best fuel storage and management solution to suit your needs. Our fuel storage solutions are available for hire or outright purchase. We aim to ensure your business always has access to the fuel you need to keep your equipment moving.

Fuel tank hire

All fuel tanks within IOR’s range are available for hire for both short term projects, or over the long term to facilitate your business’ ongoing fuel storage needs. Hiring a fuel tank provides you with a fuel storage option with minimal upfront capital outlay. When you hire a fuel tank with IOR fuel tank maintenance is included within the rental and, depending on your fuel usage, the cost of the tank rental may be factored into your fuel purchases.

Enquire today to find out what tanks may be available for immediate hire.

Fuel tanks for sale

Of course, if you would prefer to own your equipment outright this is possible. All fuel tanks in our range are available for outright purchase and may receive the same customisations that may be made on tanks that have been hired.

Deciding whether to purchase or hire a fuel tank

Deciding to purchase or hire a fuel tank depends entirely on your business’ fuel requirements and your cashflow. When you hire a fuel tank, you have the flexibility to change your storage options if required with minimal budgetary impacts. Our sales executives can work with you throughout your hire term to ensure your storage solution is the most efficient for your business.

Whatever your business’ needs, IOR can provide you with a flexible solution with equipment available at short notice.

Road, cube and bulk rental equipment is in stock at IOR’s major locations from Katherine to Port Augusta, Brisbane to Alice Springs.