Aviation Fuel Supply Solutions Around Australia

IOR Aviation is our dedicated business that ensures high quality Jet fuel and Avgas fuel are delivered when and where you need them.

We source our fuels from Australia’s leading refiners and importers of aviation grade fuels. By only using dedicated tanker fleet, fitted with filtration systems, we ensure that any potential for contamination is minimised and that these high-quality fuels are discharged into your fuel storage tanks.

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By working with us you benefit from:

  • Highly experienced team members who deliver safety, technical and equipment support
  • Quality fuel control systems with dedicated Avgas and Jet trailers complete with filtration, limiting product contamination
  • Faster discharge times with on board pumps

We can deliver more than just aviation fuel to your business:

  • Self-bunded dedicated aviation fuel storage tanks that are safe, efficient and reliable.
  • As part of our capability we offer aviation-specific training for Tank Farm Audits and Operations, Into-plane Refuelling, Product Knowledge, Static, Electricity, Quality Control, Filtration, Vehicle Loading and Fuelling Procedures.
  • We distribute AeroShell® aviation lubricants.
  • HyDip® tank gauging system automatically dips and records your fuel levels without the need to climb on top of your tank or manually dip it, making your aviation operations safer, more accurate and efficient.
  • HyDip® fuel tracking system lets you control who can access your aviation fuel. It generates detailed transaction reports to assist you with stock reconciliation and managing financial controls.
  • By letting our logistics team take care of your fuel inventory, you will never run out of fuel!

Our on-airport network is growing quickly. When there is an IOR Aviation fuel tank on an airport, aircraft owners and operators can securely access fuel with their IOR Aviation Fuel Card.

An IOR Aviation Fuel Card features:

  • Growing network of regional airports
  • Ability to set specific fill limits for added security
  • Transparent and timely reporting and administration of your aviation fuel consumption through online customer portal

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