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The IOR Aviation Network is a dedicated supplier of high-quality Jet A-1 and Avgas fuels to the Australian aviation industry. Our capabilities encompass supply, transport, training, aeroshell lubricants, logistics, fuel storage, and fuel management. We’re the trusted aviation fuel partner for your business.

Jet Fuel and Avgas refuelling facilities at airports across Australia

Our aviation network currently spans along the East Coast into central Queensland and into the Northern Territory. Depending on the airport, our facilities are either unmanned for 24/7 access or facilitated by a dedicated team member who is able to provide into-plane refuelling.

Into-plane refuelling for Alliance Airlines

The unique aviation offering was established with foundations drawn from IOR’s ability to provide leading fuel management supply solutions. In addition to supplying fuel to aviation businesses through our aviation network, we also provide bulk deliveries. We’re on the ground helping you get back in the air, faster. The IOR aviation network and aviation grade fuel is used by some of Australia’s largest airlines, general aviation businesses, iconic tourism providers, and agriculture industries.

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Open 24/7

Our refuelling facilities are available 24/7 and may be accessed without an IOR account through IOR’s mobile payment app. Account holders may use their IOR tag and access the benefits of our unique fuel management and tracking technology; HyDip®.

Dedicated tanker fleet and purpose built storage tanks

The dedicated aviation tanker fleet and purpose built storage tanks eliminate contamination and switch loading risk during transport and discharge.

Relationships with Australia’s largest fuel importers

IOR has strong relationships with some of Australia’s largest aviation fuel importers at terminals across the country. The relationships we’ve developed provide the opportunity to negotiate competitive supply arrangements and certification that all fuels dispensed into your aircrafts meet Australian standards.

Into-plane refuelling

At select airports, into aircraft refuelling is available. Our team are specially trained in best practice handling of aviation fuels to ensure safety and efficiency for you and your aircraft.

Posted Airfield Pricing

IOR’s posted airfield pricing for the aviation network is set monthly in the IOR client portal. Pricing is then fixed for the month to help you plan ahead.

No hidden account fees

There are no hidden establishment or maintenance fees when you open an account with IOR.

Customer driven growth

Growth in the footprint of our aviation network is based on customer needs and serviceability.

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