Aviation Fuel Supply Chain Services

The sky is the limit.

Airports, Governments, projects, and businesses throughout Australia trust IOR Aviation to supply reliable fuel storage and management solutions for their business’ operations and their customers.

Combining the strengths of all IOR’s business units, our fuel supply chain services manage all aspects of your businesses fuel needs. This includes supply and installation of storage equipment, logistics and fuel deliveries, quality checks, and fuel inventory monitoring. For businesses who wish to sell fuel to third parties, IOR also has technology to facilitate access to the bowser and secure payment.

No matter whether the need is for a small volume tank on an agricultural property, a new on-airport refuelling facility, or a complete private fuel network, IOR Aviation has the experience, technology, and competitive supply solution that can help.

IOR Aviation’s fuel supply chain services are modelled on the successful operations of the IOR Aviation Network which spans from Victoria, along the East Coast and into remote Central Queensland.

How it Works

How IOR Aviation's Supply Chain Services Work

Security of Supply

IOR is the preferred distributor for one of Australia’s largest aviation fuel refiners and importers.

Through the strong relationships that we have developed, we are able to negotiate competitive supply arrangements and have confidence that all fuels dispensed into customer aircraft meet strict Australian standards.

Fuel Management Technology

Fuel storage solutions provided with our supply chain services are complete with IOR’s proprietary fuel management technology; HyDip. Built by the industry, for the industry, HyDip helps businesses remotely dip fuel tanks and manage their fuel usage online.

All data collected by HyDip is available in the HyDip portal which is able to integrate with many ERP and accounting systems via a public API.

HyDip has been proven to be the key enabler for autonmous private fuel networks and reducing the time it takes to reconcile a business’ fuel usage.


With IOR Aviation, you have the option to either own the storage equipment and fuel stock, or outsource your fuel supply chain completely to IOR.

Should you wish to sell fuel to third parties from your refuelling facility, IOR has a solution that can help. Fuelcharge integrates with HyDip to securely facilitate payment for fuel online via a mobile app.

24/7 Support

Our highly skilled maintenance and engineering team are available to be reached 24/7 via a dedicated phone number to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues. We also have several technicians travelling Australia at all times also providing ongoing maintenance at both IOR owned and customer sites. Where one of our technicians isn’t available, we also have a panel of trusted contractors.

Proactive Pricing Advice

Before any scheduled fuel delivery, customers under a supply agreement receive information on pricing movements.

Aviation Fuel Handling Training

IOR Aviation is one of the only fuel suppliers in Australia who also provides aircraft refuelling training and assessment on all subjects relating to aviation refuelling, fuel farm, depot management and refuelling equipment maintenance.

The IOR Training Package complies with CASA CAO 20.9 and the JIG (Joint Inspection Group) standard which is accepted by all major airlines.

Training is provided by industry experts that have completed a Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Our team provide training to Customers, Shires, Councils and other third parties.

Why Choose IOR Aviation

100% Australian-owned.
Quality aviation fuels.
Dedicated aviation delivery fleet.
Leading supplier to regional Australian aviation businesses.
End-to-end supply chain capability.
Proven capability.