Norwood Agriculture Improved Fuel Management

Cotton yields are pleasing, harvest is well underway, and Norwood Ag, one of the largest cotton farms in Northern New South Wales, is enjoying the benefits of their improved fuel management system. The ability to manage and track fuel usage per paddock, per machine has delivered closer control of tank levels and costs, and in doing so has prepared the business for one of the biggest harvests in years.

IOR installed two bulk fuel tanks, a 70,000 Litre diesel storage tank with dual hose, high and low flow diesel dispensing, and a 12,000 Litre premium unleaded petroleum (PULP) storage tank with remote single hose dispenser.  The tanks are supported by HyDip®, IOR’s propriety fuel management technology, improving control, saving time, and simplifying gauging, tracking, dispensing, and ordering of fuel.

The decision for Norwood Ag to partner with IOR was based on IOR’s ability to exceed workplace health & safety expectations and report a deeper level of data to handle fuel usage and cost.

‘IOR were a breath of fresh air, and they have proven to be reliable. This [fuel management] system has made us a far better business, and I would recommend this system to anyone.’  

Hugh Ball, Norwood Ag.

Importantly for Norwood Ag, the installation of the self-bunded bulk fuel tanks on site met the requirements of the petrochemical storage and handling module for Best Management Practices (BMP) Accreditation.  BMP certification demonstrates the Australian cotton industry’s improved farming practices and careful management of Australia’s natural resources. It is an important recognition of efficient fuel management systems on farm.

Dispensing points for each bulk fuel tank have ‘drive-on’ spill containment units. For improved safety IOR configured the PULP dispenser on a remote skid, removing the bowser and team members from the tank’s hazardous zone. IOR conducted and implemented a full hazardous area design was implemented to make sure there was correct separation distances between the tanks, sheds, and dispensers.

When IOR’s bulk fuel storage tanks and fuel management technology are combined with its reliable on-farm bulk fuel delivery service, IOR delivers a complete end-to-end fuel management solution allowing Norwood Ag to manage supply and cash flow by supplying direct from terminal.

IOR continue to keep Norwood Ag fuelled with regular and reliable deliveries.

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