Eromanga Refinery

We have been proudly operating the Eromanga Oil Refinery since 1986.

We have been proudly operating the Eromanga Oil Refinery, located in the small town of Eromanga approximately 1000 km west of Brisbane Australia since 1986. The refinery produces high quality diesel fuels, heating oils and kerosene, as well as variety of speciality petroleum products for industrial uses.

Eromanga UMF, the main product of our refinery, is a highly specialised diesel mining fuel with the lowest exhaust gas particulates of any fuel currently available on the market.

The refinery has been continuously processing up to 1,250 barrels per day of locally produced crude oil since it was commissioned in 1986.

Located in one of the remotest regions of Australia, the Eromanga Refinery remains a significant contributor to the local community through the training, employment and business opportunities it provides.

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