IOR’s transport capability is state of the art.

With a large fleet of modern trucks, IOR are prepared to go on the roads that many of their competitors cannot. The IOR fleet provides a very safe and reliable service with less pollution and noise; reducing the impact on communities and the local environment.

IOR has a combined total of approximately 100 trucks and 300 trailers that can be utilised in all areas of operation. These include rigid body trucks, prime movers and trailer combinations comprising single, B-double, triple and quad combinations.

IOR are fully accredited in the following National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) modules:

  • NHVAS Mass Management;
  • NHVAS Basic Fatigue Management; and
  • NHVAS Maintenance Management.

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We believe that we are more than a fuel supplier and seek to be a true member of the communities in which we work.