Over the past four decades, IOR has evolved from an independent petroleum producer to one of the largest, 100% Australian owned and operated supplier of fuels and equipment in Australia.  

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, the company continues to diversify and innovate across all aspects of the supply chain from refining to refuelling.

Australian-owned, IOR is a Queensland based company with a national footprint with operations and facilities right along the value chain.

IOR develops and proves technology for its own business and then commercialises this technology so it will deliver for customers and industry.

IOR’s origins as a family business underpin its key values of teamwork, integrity and community.  Along with the values of innovation and safety, these are most evident in the company’s ability to evolve and grow to meet the market, its service-oriented culture and its commitment to technology and innovation.

IOR delivers all aspects of the energy that fuels industry – resources, agriculture, aviation, tourism and transport.

IOR does more than just fuel communities, we are active partners in their health and economic prosperity.

Combining the refinery, tanks, distribution networks, technological fuel tracking solutions and systems is an unparalleled offering in Australia.

In fuelling Australia, IOR has committed to deliver 100% reliability to customers.