With humble beginnings in 1984 as a small oil refinery in the far western Queensland town of Eromanga, IOR has developed a strong connection to the heartbeat of regional Australia.

IOR was founded in 1984 by John Bonnor and Arthur Nommensen as Inland Oil Refinery, operating a small oil refinery in the south west Queensland town of Eromanga. Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, the company has continued to diversify and innovate entering into a number of successful joint venture projects.

In 1996, Stewart Morland joined IOR on an exploration project leading to the discovery of the Inland Oil Field PL98 which was one of the largest Australian onshore oil fields at the time. In this same year, Ross Mackenzie joined IOR as General Manager following a successful career with Santos.

After Stewart’s appointment as a shareholder in 2004, IOR began to make moves into the long-haul transport industry. In 2005, this became a reality for IOR with the establishment of the very first unmanned 24/7 diesel stop in Winton, QLD.

Throughout the company’s history, IOR has continued its’ story of growth and innovation.


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We believe that we are more than a fuel supplier and seek to be a true member of the communities in which we work.