HyDip is IOR’s cloud-based fuel management platform, providing our business, customers, and industry with a complete fuel network management system.

Your Complete Fuel Management System

HyDip® is a Fuel Management System that allows you to safely build and manage your own 24/7 unmanned fuel network, monitor fuel tank levels in real time, and track fuel usage by employee or vehicle.

Manage Your Network Remotely

Enable and disable individual hoses, products, prices and tags from your office with no on-site involvement required.

Manage employee access to fuel sites based in regional or operational areas.

Tags are centrally managed and credit is applied, and adjustments can be applied to your entire network in real time.

Monitor Fuel in Real Time

Grant vendors direct access to view and monitor tanks, and receive alerts when restocking is required.

HyDip equipment is versitile and has the ability to operate entirely from battery and solar, or mains power.

Fit HyDip Tank Gauging to your tanks to monitor your tank levels in real time.

Track Fuel Usage by Employee or Vehicle

Administer and monitor transactions in real time.

HyDip gives you control of every transaction and the ability to identify misuse.

HyDip is deployed in transport, road, bulk loadouts, marine and aviation environments.

Integrate with Fuelcharge Mobile Fuel Payment Technology

Fuelcharge integrates with HyDip to create further flexibility in customer access to the bowser.

The Fuelcharge software facilitates payment of fuel and connects with HyDip to authorise the bowser. This may be done via the app or, as a secondary method, over the phone.

For independent fuel retailers who wish to sell fuel 24/7, this means that HyDip is able to eliminate the need for a traditional outdoor payment terminal and provide a reliable, Australian, payment platform.

Akin with the HyDip philosophy of simplicity, Fuelcharge eliminates the moving parts usually seen at traditional outdoor payment terminals. This means there are now printers or card readers that could malfunction and prevent businesses from selling fuel.

Experience the Difference

Through over a decade of operations, HyDip Fuel Management has been proven as the winning edge for fuel networks. Contact us today and experience the benefits of HyDip for your business.