Diesel Stops

Go further with the IOR Diesel Network.

Each location within the IOR Diesel Network is strategically established within proximity to major roads that provide vital connectivity to long haul transport operators. Location selection is based on customer needs and each site is designed for heavy vehicle access with high clearance canopies, drive through configuration, and on site amenities for wellbeing on the road.

Unique to IOR, each diesel stop is connected via IOR’s proprietary technology; HyDip®. HyDip® provides drivers with fast access to the bowser, and an intuitive fuel management solution to help you stay on top of your business’ fuel usage.

Our diesel network’s footprint extends to some of the furthest corners of Australia and continues to grow. Contact us today to find how IOR’s diesel network could benefit you and your business.

How to Use the IOR Fuel Stop Network


By downloading Fuelcharge, motorists are able to access locations throughout the IOR Fuel Network. Fuelcharge is FREE to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play!



Commercial Customers

For commercial customers, each diesel stop is accessed via our unique PIN protected RFID tag system. Simply apply for an account with IOR today to access our network and start fuelling your fleet!


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K.S. Easter Transport go further with the IOR Diesel Network

Discover your local IOR Diesel Truck Stops or our sites located along your route.


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Unmanned and open 24/7

All IOR diesel stops are unmanned and open 24/7 for your convenience. AdBlue® is also available at a growing number of locations.

No hidden account fees

There are no hidden establishment or maintenance fees when you open an account with IOR. Our reporting displays all costs in plain terms with a clear break down of your business’ fuel usage.

Convenient drive through design

IOR diesel stops are designed to be accessible by b-double and larger configurations featuring a drive through design to help you get back on the road with ease.

Wholesale pricing, fixed weekly

IOR’s wholesale pricing is set for all diesel stops each Monday in the IOR customer portal. Pricing is then fixed for seven days to help you plan ahead.

Local account managers and support when you need it

Each customer at IOR has direct access to their account manager who in many cases will be local to their base. For any service related queries, we have a dedicated customer service support line.

Amenities available on site for your wellbeing

Select diesel stops also have on-site amenities. Only accessible by IOR tag holders, these amenities provide drivers an opportunity to refresh before continuing on their journey.

Relationships with Australia’s largest fuel importers

The relationships we’ve developed provide the opportunity to negotiate competitive supply arrangements and certification that all fuels dispensed into your vehicles meet Australian standards.

Customer driven growth

Growth in the footprint of our diesel network is based on customer needs and serviceability. We’re helping you go further.

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