Customer Portal

Stay on top of your fuel transactions with the IOR customer portal.

For over a decade we’ve been perfecting technology that helps our customers keep on top of their fuel usage and minimise the time it takes to manage fuel administration.

Bolstered by our proprietary fuel management technology; HyDip®, we’ve developed an intuitive customer portal helping you manage your business’ fuel usage. Whether your business is accessing our diesel network, refuelling an aircraft at one of our on-airport facilities or ordering bulk fuel, the customer portal has the information you need to relieve the fuel administration burden.

The customer portal is made available to all IOR customers at no additional cost and is developed with the end-user in mind. As such, tasks, like calculating fuel tax credits or planning weekly cashflow, are stress-free and
monitoring fuel usage is made possible without leaving your desk.

Through this technology, our focus is on empowering you to spend more time on what matters the most; meeting the needs of your customers. Contact us today and find out how the customer portal can benefit you and your business.

Ask Us How

View Individual diesel stop and product pricing

Weekly wholesale net-pricing for each location within IOR’s diesel and aviation networks is uploaded to the customer portal. With this information available, you’re able to see your negotiated pricing upfront and plan ahead with your business’ cashflow requirements.

Find out which diesel stops are on your route

Keen to plan your journey and find out where you’ll be able to refuel with IOR? We’ve got that covered. We’ve built an interactive map helping you to find out where you can refuel with IOR while en-route to your destination.

Helping make tax time a breeze

Reporting provided by the customer portal helps make calculating fuel tax credits stress-free. Data sets may be downloaded as spreadsheets or you’re able to integrate the customer portal with your accounting system via an API for a direct data feed.

Complete transparency

Every time a tag is swiped and fuel dispensed from an IOR diesel stop or on-airport refuelling facility, this transaction is recorded and available in the customer portal shortly afterwards.

Effortless reporting

In business, time is limited. So we know that reconciling hundreds of fuel transactions every week is less than ideal. The customer portal provides accurate transaction reporting on fuel usage in our network, information on bulk deliveries, and access to invoices with the click of a button.

Access control measures

Cancel, reassign and make requests for your tags in one place. The customer portal can do it all so you can control and minimise any suspicious fuel usage. Multiple log-ins to the customer portal may also be established with customised permissions that restrict access to any confidential information or functionality.

Getting access to the online customer portal is easy. Contact our customer service team today.