Bulk Fuel Delivery

IOR has been providing bulk fuels to multiple industries for over 30 years.

We understand what it takes to run your business. Being part of your local communities allows us to always deliver high quality fuels to you efficiently and safely.

IOR has been providing bulk fuels to multiple industries for over 30 years. With local team members from all walks of life throughout Australia, we understand what it takes to keep your business going.

Talk to us about joining hundreds of Australian businesses who receive our bulk fuel deliveries every day.

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IOR is more than a fuel supplier. We believe in helping to develop thriving regional, rural, and remote communities. In this regard, many of our depot and driver team members are locals within your region helping to boost regional employment. Our team members have deep roots in their communities and take the time to get to know you and your business. This helps to ensure a reliable, safe, and efficient service that our competitors aren’t able to match.

The IOR bulk fuel delivery service includes deliveries of diesel, unleaded fuels, Avgas, and Jet-A1. We have applied a strict zero tolerance policy for fuel contamination and in this regard our fleet incorporates dedicated tankers specifically built for transporting aviation fuels. All tankers are fitted with application specific fuel filtration systems to ensure you’re putting only the highest quality fuels into your vehicles, aircraft, and machinery.

Customers of IOR are also afforded access to our customer portal which provides key information to help administer and keep on top of your fuel usage.

Local team members and support when you need it

As a customer of IOR you’re afforded direct access to your account manager who in most cases will be a local within your community. For any service related queries, we also have a dedicated customer service support line. Find your nearest depot or regional office.

No hidden account fees

There are no hidden establishment or maintenance fees when you open an account with IOR. Our reporting displays all costs in plain terms with a clear break down of your business’ fuel usage.

Cost effective wholesale pricing

IOR offers wholesale pricing quoted for each fuel order and we can also tailor a unique and intuitive solution for you to minimise your fuel admin. We operate a modern fleet of tankers designed for maximum payload which helps minimise any delivery costs.

Relationships with Australia’s largest fuel importers

IOR has strong relationships with some of Australia’s largest fuel importers at terminals across the country. These relationships provide the opportunity to negotiate competitive supply arrangements and certification that all fuels delivered to your business meet Australian standards.

Local drivers and reliable deliveries

We know that to keep your business running you need reliable suppliers. Each fuel delivery is generally performed by the same driver who gets to know you and how your business works to ensure every delivery is reliable, safe, and efficient.

Storage equipment and technology

Whether you need a single fuel tank on your site, or a complete network of bulk storage tanks, we’ve got you covered. IOR bulk fuel tanks require minimal site preparation and feature a rugged double-walled and self-bunded construction.

Fuels for your ground equipment and aircraft

We’re able to deliver diesel, unleaded, avgas, and jet-a1 fuels to your business. Our fleet includes dedicated tankers for aviation fuels to eliminate any fuel contamination.

Industry support

IOR are proud to be a major supporter of AgForce, Queensland’s peak body representing rural producers. This support helps AgForce fund vital advocacy programs that help improve conditions for farmers all over Queensland.

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