Looking for an on-site fuel tank to rent for storing your IOR bulk fuel deliveries?

We offer a variety of high quality, safe and reliable self-bunded tank rental options suitable for any site or project.
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Whether you need a single fuel tank on your site or a complete network of bulk liquid storage tanks for a complex project, we’ve got you covered

Requiring minimal site preparation, our tanks feature rugged double-walled and self-bunded construction and are designed and manufactured according to AS1692 and installed to comply with AS 1940 and the ADG code.

As a cost-effective storage solution for any type 1 or 2 combustible fluids, when you hire one of our tanks, installation and ongoing maintenance are already included, so you don’t need to worry about additional recurring

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All static storage tanks have double walls for protection against leakages, overfill protection and overfill alarms, fill lines and suction lines, interstitial space monitoring and internal access for cleaning and venting. We can also supply a range of mobile fuel trucks from 24000-litre tankers to 1500-litre trailers, suitable for onsite refuelling operations.

Diesel Tank

As part of our tailored offer, your hired tanks can be fitted with our HyDip Tank Gauging or Fuel Tracking systems, so you can instantly take control of your fuel inventory and transactions using the latest technology.

You’ll always know your tank levels, easily track fuel usage and be able to set up alerts for when your fuel level is getting low, so you can place your bulk fuel orders on time.

Alternatively, you can let us manage your fuel deliveries, so you can focus 100% on your business.

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Road, cube and bulk rental equipment is in stock at IOR’s major locations from Katherine to Port Agusta, Brisbane to Alice Springs.