Fuelling the Tyabb Air Show

This month IOR proudly supported the annual Tyabb Air Show, held by the Peninsula Aeroclub on the 8th of March. A record crowd of at least 9,500 spectators enjoyed awesome entertainment both on the ground and in the sky above. We’re pleased to share with you some of the event’s highlights and photos.

Paul Bennet Airshows organised and ran the air side activities and although the strengthening gusty easterly crosswind caused some of the older tail wheel aircraft to remain grounded, there was plenty of flying activity.

Commencing the day was a firing of a 25-pound artillery piece signalling the HMAS Cerberus band and guard to march, welcoming all spectators on the cool Sunday morning.


This was followed by a humbling tribute to the CFA volunteer firefighters with trucks from the five local fire brigades slowly driving down the taxiway.


The CFA was promptly followed by a missing man formation of four twins to acknowledge Peter Phillips and another missing man formation comprising three Pitts and a Rebel 300 for Ido Segev both of whom sadly passed in a mid-air plane crash earlier this year.


Action on the day wowed spectators and aviators alike as Paul Bennet flew his signature knife-edge pass with a wall of flames erupting as he flew by.

The action also included an aerial acrobatic display from the Southern Knights in Harvard, the RAAF Roulettes, and an eight-ship heritage trainer formation and a Yak and Nanchgang formation which filled the sky with smoke and noise.



Solo aerial aerobatics were performed in both the RAAF CAC Mustang and the Corsair F4U, whilst a Grumman Avenger, CAC Boomerang and CAC Wirraway also performed. Warren Stewart and Chris Sperou entertained with their show and Gerard Lappin astounded with an aerobatic display in his Cessna C152.

Other aircraft to take to the sky included a Vultee BT-13, T-28 Trojans, O-1 Birddogs, Bell47, and Robinson R22 helicopters. The RAAF had a C-27J Spartan fly passes whilst the UFO performed and Polair had a very popular static display.

Toward the end of the day, an eight ship Balbo comprising the Grumman Avenger, The Cosair F4U, a Spitfire, Mustang, T28 Trojan, Boomerang and two P40 Warhawks made several passes. The sound was incredible! As the Balbo came into land one by one, the RAAF provided the day’s entertainment highlight; a Boeing C17 Globemaster flown by SQN LDR Tim Smith. The aircraft made a handful of low-level passes and concluded with a missed approach which had spectators convinced it was coming into land. As the Boeing climbed away, a wall of flame erupted from the ground. Closing the show, as is the tradition at the Tyabb Air Show, was the Last Post to commemorate the 75 years since the end of WW2.

In addition to aircraft entertainment, Peninsula Aeroclub also provided spectators the opportunity to view 250 vehicles and motorcycles from local clubs as well as displays from the ADF and other aviation businesses.

IOR was proud to support the Tyabb Air Show with a 10,000L donation of Avgas and ground crew uniforms. As part of our commitment to community, we believe this support not only helps bring these amazing events to life but also helps support the local economies in which we live and work.

IOR Aviation operates the unmanned Avgas and Jet A-1 refuelling facilities at the Tyabb Airport. If you’re interested in finding out more about IOR Aviation’s capabilities and where you can refuel with us, contact us today.