Bonding Your Aircraft for Refuelling

In everything we do, one of our top priorities is to ensure safety for our team and our customers. In this regard, we’re delighted to share with you information on the importance of electrical bonding and grounding your aircraft during refuelling.

When it comes to refuelling an aircraft, the equipment we use and your aircraft both have components in place to assist with bonding and grounding for static electricity which is generated through the flow of fuel.

Fixed refuelling facilities are earthed to disperse any static charge and your aircraft is then bonded to the fixed facility. The purpose of bonding for static electricity when refuelling your aircraft is to equalise the static electrical potential between both the aircraft and the on-airport refuelling facility, or the refueller thereby removing the risk of a spark.

Before dispensing any fuel, it’s important to follow a bonding procedure so that any static electrical potential may equalise and dissipate through to earth.

Before refuelling an aircraft, the following bonding procedures should be followed in addition to Air Navigation Regulations.

  • Ensure your aircraft is secured (handbrake on) and that the aircraft engines have been turned off, including the master switch. This includes all helicopters.
  • Connect the bonding wire from the refueller or fuel facility to the designated bonding point on your aircraft.
  • Before opening the aircraft’s fuel cap, connect the refuelling nozzle bonding clip or connector plug, or clamp to a bonding earth point adjacent to the fuel cap.
  • Touch the nozzle to the bonding point prior to opening the fuel cap.
  • After you’ve finished refuelling, all caps and connections must be removed in the reverse sequence.

We hope that this information helps to improve safety for you next time you use an IOR on-airport refuelling facility.

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