IOR and Outback Futures working together to make the outback a little brighter

The latest IOR tanker has hit the road in partnership with Outback Futures.

This is the third B-Double IOR has dedicated to promoting the work of the organisations we support, and it will shortly be delivering fuel to IOR customers throughout Central Queensland. The tanker aims to raise awareness about how Outback Futures is working with our outback communities of Queensland.

Outback Futures is a not-for-profit organisation providing regular, professional, and consistent mental and allied health and wellbeing services to Aussies living in rural and remote Queensland. They do this through their remote multidisciplinary clinics and through their unique “Stay With Me” program. “Stay With Me” makes sure that the clients are able to stay connected with the same health professional to ensure a safe, trusting and comfortable relationship is built between the Outback Futures team and the people they support.

Outback Futures also offers Critical Incident Response enabling client access to services with an intensity tailored to meet the concerns of their specific situation. In some cases, Outback Futures have flown a family to Brisbane for crisis care throughout their time of need.

IOR community commitment

IOR are more than just experts in fuel solutions and fuel management. We’re committed to supporting outback communities by contributing to organisations that save lives and improve people’s wellbeing. It’s through building thriving rural and regional towns that we hope to play a part in keeping the outback heart of Australia pumping.

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