Connecting the Outback with High-Speed Internet

At IOR, we know too well that staying connected across the Outback has long been a challenge. However, Starlink’s satellite internet service is changing the game for unmanned diesel stops and ensuring reliable connectivity even in the most isolated locations.

At IOR, we’re excited to be investing in Starlink to support the operations of our diesel network by enhancing our operations at our most remote depots. Starlink is the digital divide that provides:

  1. Universal Connectivity: Starlink’s global reach ensures that remote locations, like those in the IOR diesel network, can access high-speed internet.
  2. Low Latency: Unlike traditional satellite internet, high speed internet can process a high volume of data with minimal delay. This means our team of technicians can stay connected to IOR and their families while undertaking work on remote sites. It also means we’re able to install new technology like the Fuelcharge payment terminals in those locations underserved by 3G and 4G networks.
  3. Reliability: Starlink hardware is simple and reliable and works well with our HyDip equipment. Even providing redundancy at some critical locations such as Port Bonython as another means of internet.

Our first Starlink satellites have been installed at some of our extremely remote locations. Previously these sites have been incredibly challenging to service with internet, however now have stable and reliable connections. IOR’s investment in high-speed satellite internet is a worthwhile strategic move that bolsters our promise of reliability to our customers.