24/7 Diesel Stop in West Wyalong – Now Open

Our new 24/7 Diesel Stop in West Wyalong, NSW is now open. This new site will offer Diesel and AdBlue on bowser. All IOR Customers can use their IOR Tags to fuel up. Alternatively, those who don’t have an account with IOR can use a new mobile app (Fuelcharge), available on the App Store or Google Play. Much easier than a regular payment terminal, IOR Fuelcharge lets you pay for your fuel with any credit card, Google or Apple Pay. Once you set up your account, you simply select your pump number and set your desired pre-authorisation amount. You can start fuelling within seconds. Your receipts and transaction will be stored and sent electronically, so no more lost or illegible receipts!

For a complete list of IOR Diesel Stops or to plan your route, check out our Trip Planner page.