Safely Removing Lead from Australian Skies

IOR Aviation, is proud to launch AvPULPTM, an aviation specification unleaded fuel for aircraft approved to use MOGAS (motor gasoline). The fuel sets a new standard for environmental protection, aviation compliance, engine durability, and cost efficiency.

IOR’s General Manager for Aviation, Bryce Morland, said that AvPULP, which has been officially launched at Latrobe Valley Airport in Victoria, is marking a new future for those who refuel at the airport.

“It’s great to have Latrobe Airport and its users on board as early adopters of AvPULP and as champions for this innovative fuel for their users,” said Mr Morland.

“AvPULP is suitable for use in aircraft approved to used MOGAS, and its benefits lie in its superior aviation specification additives, handling, storage, filtration, and quality control.

“In Aviation, safety is everyone’s highest concern. That’s where AvPULP makes a difference.

“Unlike MOGAS which may contain dangerous, uncontrolled, and incompatible oxygenated and other fuel components harmful to users and the environment, the safety of AvPULP is enhanced with an assured higher-octane quality and

energy content.”

“It is only blended with compatible additives. That means cleaner engine operation and superior performance,” Mr Morland said.

AvPULP is the first unleaded fuel introduced in Australia that is specific for aircrafts approved to use MOGAS, providing the industry with a tangible first step toward a cleaner aviation energy mix and offering customers a safer choice of fuel.

Sports Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) Technical Councilor, Ray Taylor, has expressed enthusiasm in its use in his own aircraft.

“My aircraft loves AvPULP and so do I! It’s better for the environment and easier on my wallet,” said Mr Taylor.

Indeed, IOR’s viable unleaded alternative to Avgas and MOGAS is better for the environment and budget and offers cost savings of up to 30%[1].

AvPULP is now available at Latrobe Airport in Victoria for account holders and general aviators through IOR’s fuel payment app, Fuelcharge. IOR is actively working to expand its availability to new locations across Australia and at

existing locations in IOR’s Aviation Network.

For more information about this media release, please contact:

Drew Hipwood, Manager – Corporate Affairs

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[1] When compared to the cost of Avgas.