IOR Aviation’s Fuel Storage & Management System Keeps Sea World Up, Up, and Away


  • IOR Aviation is a leading Aviation Fuel Supplier in Australia and works closely with customers to understand their fuel storage and fuel management needs.
  • IOR’s proprietary fuel management system; HyDip®, provides efficiencies and enables enhanced productivity for aviation businesses.
  • IOR Aviation’s fuel storage tanks may be fitted with HyDip to create a complete fuel storage and fuel management system.

Sea World Helicopters has long been an iconic fixture in the skies of Queensland’s Gold Coast. Attracting between 600 to 700 people per day, the fleet of four helicopters depart from Australia’s largest privately-owned heliport for chartered scenic flights throughout the Gold Coast Region.


In 2019, Sea World Helicopters sought to increase the size and effectiveness of its fuel storage and management system and turned to IOR Aviation as their existing aviation fuel supplier.

IOR Worked with Sea World Helicopters and designed and built a custom Jet A1 refuelling facility helping the team move away from outdated, manual systems and processes.

The Fuel Storage and Fuel Management Solution

Constructed in IOR’s Brisbane Workshop, the 30,000 litre Jet A1 Fuel Tank complies with all Australian Standards and is complete with all filtration and dispensing equipment needed for safe and efficient refuelling of the Sea World Helicopters Fleet.

The aviation refuelling facility is enhanced by HyDip, providing the team with real-time visibility on their fuel tank levels and complete oversight of the helicopter fuel usage.



“This new system has fundamentally changed the way we manage our fuel supply”.

– Ash Jenkinson, Chief Pilot and Head of Operations at Sea World Helicopters

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