What You Need to Know About AdBlue®

AdBlue® is a colourless solution made from urea that has been developed to significantly reduce emissions produced by vehicles.  

Many modern trucks and cars that are fuelled with diesel are fitted with systems that inject measured quantities of AdBlue into the exhaust pipe. The AdBlue reacts with the gases produced by the engine to convert nitrogen oxides into harmless steam and gas vapour. It does not have any impact on the driver experience or the performance and efficiency of the vehicle, however, the performance of most vehicles with an AdBlue tank will be impacted if the drivers try to run it on empty. 

While AdBlue is currently not mandatory, it is becoming increasingly popular with automotive manufacturers and transport businesses seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact.  

What is the Key Benefit of AdBlue? 

AdBlue helps to minimise a vehicle’s impact on the environment by reducing the nitrogen oxide emissionsCompanies using the product have the opportunity to promote their commitment to reducing emissions where possible by using AdBlue. 

AdBlue Consumption 

The consumption rate of AdBlue is dependent on your driving style and vehicle type. Overall, it is much lower than diesel fuels. Some estimates show that a vehicle’s AdBlue consumption is 5% of the diesel fuel used 

Diesel and AdBlue Don’t Mix 

AdBlue should never be mixed with diesel. If AdBlue is added to the fuel tank, do not start the engine and contact your vehicle servicing provider immediately.  

Vehicles that take AdBlue have a separate tank specifically designed for the solution. The filling point is generally smaller and is identified by a blue fuel cap, generally located next to the diesel fuel cap. 

Magnetic Field Safeguard 

AdBlue dispensing nozzles are fitted with a small magnet which creates a magnetic field to open a secondary lid covering the AdBlue filling point. This is designed to r

educe the risk that you may dispense fuel into your AdBlue tank. 

AdBlue on the IOR Diesel Network 

AdBlue is available at most IOR Diesel StopsView our Diesel Network List or our interactive map to see which sites have it available.  

To refill with AdBlue at an IOR site: 
  1. Swipe IOR tag on AdBlue bowser. 
  2. Follow the prompts on the bowser.
    • PIN 
    • User ID 
    • Odometer
  3. Remove the nozzle from the bowser and refuel using the AdBlue refuelling point on the vehicle. When your tank is full, simply rehang the nozzle and close the cap on your AdBlue tank. 

Important Points 

  • AdBlue freezes at -11oC so it’s best not to attempt to fill when temperatures are below 0oC. 
  • Avoid physical contact with AdBlue and rinse affected areas with water if spillage occurs. 

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