Underground Mining Fuel: Study Proves IOR is Above the Competition

With 30 years of operating history and an extensive network of over 40 diesel stops across the country; IOR Petroleum has been at the forefront of supplying fuel, fuel storage and fuel management solutions to mining, drilling and exploration companies operating out of some of Australia’s most remote areas.

IOR’s Eromanga Underground Mining Fuel® a unique premium low emission diesel fuel produced at IOR’s Eromanga Refinery in Queensland. The fuel has consistently demonstrated low emission characteristics compared to other commercial diesel fuels; with low particulates, NOx, CO, absence of smoke haze or odours making IOR’s Eromanga Underground Mining Fuel® an excellent fuel for diesel engines used in underground mining applications.

UMF Particle size distribution chart

UMF Particle size distribution chart

Comparative Combustion Emissions from Eromanga UMF

The Queensland University of Technology’s International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health tested IOR’s Eromanga Underground Mining Fuel against three commercially available ULS diesel fuels compliant with Australian regulated diesel fuel standards. The main aim of the testing was to quantify the difference in concentration and characteristics of particulates from the four fuels using a diesel engine set up specifically for underground mining fuel testing.

The major report findings were that overall COx, NOx and particle emissions from Eromanga UMF were lower than the other fuels at various comparable engine load settings. At full load, IOR’s Eromanga UMF produced significantly lower COx and NOx emissions compared to the other fuels and importantly, produced much lower particulate emissions (65% reduction by particle mass and 40% reduction by number of particles).

IOR’s Eromanga Underground Mining Fuel® is available in bulk across Australia. Contact Shane Baker, IOR’s Sales & Marketing Manager, for more information at [email protected] or 0488 015 910.