IOR launches Real-Time Stock Tracking on its Customer Portal

IOR is thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature to its Customer Portal that provides clarity and peace of mind for customers using onsite Diesel / Adblue® tanks. 
With real-time stock tracking now integrated into our Customer Portal, customers can gain instant insight into their fuel assets, easily tracking current stock levels and reconciling them against deliveries. This exciting addition, available on all tanks using remote fuel management systems, offers a range of benefits to give customers more control over their fuel.
Here are some of the key advantages of our real-time stock tracking feature:
Real-Time Data: Access real-time data on fuel stock levels, updated 24/7, alongside a history of deliveries, dockets, and invoices.
Visibility: Customers can monitor their stock levels and history across all products and all site locations in the one platform.
Delivery Schedules: The Customer Portal is integrated into the IOR scheduling tool, providing real-time access to stock levels for the IOR scheduling team to ensure we keep customers stocked up.
Usage Trends: Customers can monitor usage trends and patterns by analysing historical data from their fuel stock levels.
Reconciliation: Customers can easily reconcile their fuel / AdBlue® deliveries with actual stock levels.
These benefits are just the beginning of the amazing feature list of the IOR customer portal. Other features of the portal include:
  • Current product pricing for all applicable customer sites;
  • Detailed reports on on-road fuel usage and bulk deliveries;
  • Purchase history of all IOR oils & lubricants;
  • Management of tags, vehicle details, cost centres, and access to fuel and AdBlue throughout the IOR unmanned network;
  • Access to purchase history documentation (dockets and invoices).
If you have any questions or want to talk to us about your fuel requirements, please get in contact with our dedicated sales and customer support team. Call 1300 457 467 or send an enquiry to [email protected].