IOR Recognised for Improving Safety for Livestock Transporters at QTA Awards

At the recent Queensland Trucking Association Awards, IOR was the proud to receive the award for Industry Safety and Innovation

Nominated by the Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland, the award was a credit to IOR’s Roma Cattle Cross Loader and a marker of the importance IOR places on the role of the transport industry in Australia.

Speaking about the award, IOR Managing Director, Stewart Morland said that IOR was proud to be recognised for the safety initiative and that the cross loader wouldn’t have been possible without support from Maranoa Shire Council and businesses in the region.

“Without the support we received from Maranoa Shire Council, who donated materials in-kind from the local quarry and from RyTrans, Roma Transport Services, and the LRTAQ, the cattle cross loader simply wouldn’t have been brought to life. It’s the result of true collaboration and passion for the safety of Australia’s livestock transport drivers.”



It is well known that the traditional method of transferring cattle between road train crates is considered one of the most dangerous activities for both drivers and livestock in the transport supply chain. Installed at IOR’s Roma depot, adjacent to the roadtrain break down pad and at the end of the roadtrain route, IOR’s cattle cross loader is available to the industry to access for free as IOR seeks to help improve productivity, safety for livestock transport drivers, and animal welfare.

IOR’s network of diesel stops is used by some of Australia’s largest transport operators who travel along popular road train routes. IOR is committed to the Health and Safety of team members, contractors, customers, and Australian communities, and this new, safe facility is available for use by IOR customers and other drivers who agree to IOR’s access conditions and safety guidelines.

The Roma facility has been modelled on IOR’s popular cattle cross loader facility in Port Augusta, South Australia used by Australia’s essential livestock transport drivers.