IOR Aviation Provides Fuel Security and Supply of Jet A-1 at Bendigo Airport

IOR Aviation is excited to announce the return of its into plane Jet A-1 refuelling service at Bendigo Airport. As part of their daily operations, this mobile refueller will be providing Jet A-1 to QantasLink several times a day as part of the airline’s regular passenger transport services in regional Australia. IOR’s refueller has been specially trained in best practice handling of aviation fuels to ensure safety and efficiency while conducting over and underwing high-pressure controlled refuelling.

IOR has also committed to building a new 55,000 Litre Jet A-1 storage facility which will provide aviation fuel security to the airport. Fitted with the latest in filtration technology, telemetry, and monitoring systems, the facility will ensure the highest quality aviation fuel products are available to aviators and airlines who use the airport.

“IOR is now the only into plane refueller at Bendigo Airport. The installation of our refuelling infrastructure will enable business and tourist travel in and out of Bendigo, freight movement, flight training and support for emergency services. In addition, our significant investment in aviation fuel storage in Bendigo will provide airlines with the certainty of supply they need to expand flights to other cities and regional centres.”

Bryce Morland, General Manager – Aviation

Into aircraft Jet A-1 refuelling will be available for all commercial and recreational flights at Bendigo Airport. IOR’s Aviation team is specially trained in best practice handling of aviation fuels to ensure safety and efficiency for you and your aircraft.

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