IOR Aviation Lands In Winton!

IOR continues to invest in the Winton Community with the opening of the new on-airport AVGAS and Jet A-1 facility at Winton Airport. The new facility is operational and ready to provide aviators and emergency services with 24/7 access to fuel via an IOR Aviation Tag or the Fuelcharge app.

Since opening the original unmanned Diesel stop in 2005, IOR has continued to upgrade and expand access to fuel in the region. The new aviation refuelling facility is a continuation of this partnership and is an example of IOR’s ongoing commitment to outback communities throughout Australia. The Winton airport refuelling facility is also located to best support our aerial emergency services. Where previously aircrews had to refuel Jet A-1 using fuel drums and handpumps, now they can easily access fuel 24/7 through the self-dispense bowser allowing life-saving support to get in the air faster.

“In what are long days, having a proper refuel facility greatly helps our service by reducing the amount of time and effort to refuel, maximising the time we are able to respond to emergencies, or efficiently to complete a mission”

Billy McCreadie, RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Mount Isa Base Lead.

Entry details for the Winton Airport facility are available via ERSA. Click here for more information on IOR Aviation’s growing fuel network.

If you would like to sign up for an IOR Aviation Tag, click here to download an account application form.