IOR Appointed to Deliver New AdBlue Storage

IOR is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by Incitec Pivot Limited to help shore-up Australia’s AdBlue supply.

In response to addressing Australia’s AdBlue supply constraints, IOR is working with Incitec Pivot Limited (Incitec Pivot) and Brisbane-based Munster Services Group to construct a 750KL IoT-enabled AdBlue storage facility in Brisbane, Queensland.

IOR is proud to support Incitec Pivot in their highly coordinated and rapid response to address the global AdBlue supply constraints and support the Australian economy. The new facility will be critical to Incitec Pivot substantially increasing its domestic production of AdBlue, which is expected to be fully operational in January 2022.

IOR Managing Director, Stewart Morland, said that IOR is proud to play a role in keeping industry moving through the global AdBlue supply constraints.

“Australian truckies and farmers are at the heart of our business. Through these uncertain times, it’s our mission to ensure they have a reliable supply of AdBlue to keep Australia moving.

“We’re committed to ensuring everyone has access to their fair share of AdBlue and we encourage everyone to continue using AdBlue as they normally would in their business. With Incitec Pivot’s new on-shore supply, we expect demand to stabilise across the country with stockpiling becoming even more unnecessary.

“We’re confident that Incitec Pivot’s new production capabilities will provide the supply Australia needs to navigate these global shortages and we’re proud to be delivering this new storage infrastructure”, Mr Morland said.

Since being awarded the contract late last week, IOR’s infrastructure team have mobilised over 30 specialised containerised ISO storage tanks fitted with loading and unloading equipment. The ISO tanks provide optionality for Incitec to scale-up on site storage as needed and create efficiencies in transport, mobilisation, and demobilisation.

IOR will also install its proprietary fuel management system, HyDip at the facility which will enable automated, electronic, monitoring of the facility’s inventory to the litre, and controlled access to AdBlue. IOR will provide 24/7 support and ongoing maintenance to Incitec to ensure the facility continues to deliver on the needs of their customers.

The project is being supported from IOR’s infrastructure manufacturing hub in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, which has been instrumental in delivering fuel storage and management solutions for several iconic Australian projects and businesses, including IOR’s own fuel networks. The equipment deployed from IOR’s workshop has been field proven in IOR’s regional, rural, and remote operations, providing customers with certainty in its reliability for their business.

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