Never manually dip your tanks again. Our HyDip technology allows you to monitor your tank levels in real time from anywhere.

All you need is an internet connection to begin dipping your tanks automatically and view results online or through a mobile app. Our HyDip technology is extremely robust, low-cost and easy to install – find out for yourself!

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HyDip tank gauging is easily installed or retrofitted to your tanks and remotely connects to the internet

The HyDip units are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments. The system works with either 3G, 4G, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Satellite connections. It can be fitted with solar panels and batteries, allowing it to be setup even in the most remote areas without a direct power source.

There is no technical expertise required to install or operate any of the HyDip Equipment, saving you precious time and money. All equipment configuration, calibration, firmware updates and diagnostics are performed online.

Your tank level data can be connected directly to your accounting or ERP system via an open API.

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You can set up SMS, email or app alerts when tank levels are low, so you can place your bulk delivery orders on time. Or let our logistics team schedule your fuel deliveries on your behalf, eliminating the risk of your business running out of fuel.

HyDip Unit
IOR Petroleum's HyDip fuel monitoring system user interface
Apple Mac computer with HyDip program.

Are you looking to also monitor usage and manage fuel transactions in addition to tank monitoring?

We’ve got a complete fuel management solution used by hundreds of customers throughout Australia.

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