The Driver – Australia & New Zealand on the Back of a Truck

The Driver 3d book FINAL

The Driver – published and on sale now!

Professional photographer Alice Mabin takes on the might of the publishing elite on her own terms once again and has already won with pre-orders of  “The Driver”.

As Asia Pacific Entrepreneur of the year for 2015, Alice Mabin is always looking to capture the essence of the outback and the rural industry way of life.

In 2013, Alice embarked on a photographic project that recorded the journey of 18,000 head of cattle that walked 2,000km from Northern Australia to New South Wales. This project saw Alice publish her own book, The Drover, and became a 4 times best Australian seller.

Alice has now finished her second book, The Driver, which is a look into the lives and stories behind Australia’s trucking industry.

A production of road train proportions, and a project unlike anything you will have seen before, it focuses on real people and real stories enhanced by striking imagery from every state and territory across Australia and New Zealand.

Alice Mabin(resize)

Alice Mabin, Author of The Driver

In 228 pages, The Driver, self-published by Alice, documents the reality of the daily grind for 110 different trucking companies and drivers.  Different businesses transporting different products, each adding to the variety of the enthralling content.

This is the never-before-seen real life tale of the captivating lives of truck drivers and the critical role the heavy transport industry plays in everybody’s lives.

IOR has proudly supported Alice’s endeavour to put the heavy transport industry in the spotlight. A positive spotlight, that highlights to our nation, just how important this industry is to our daily lives.

On Friday 29 July, we look forwarding to hosting the official launch for Alice’s book next door to our new IOR headquarters.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this salute to the trucking industry, visit for more details.