Case Study | Quilpie Sporting Clays Club Inc.

Quilpie is a community located in Far Western Queensland’ channel country.

In recent times Quilpie has faced a declining population and relentless drought conditions which has been extremely challenging. A small group of community members have banded together, with council support, to establish plans for a sporting clays facility to improve the wellbeing of residents and foster community spirit.  The facility will be the first of its kind within a 500km radius and it is hoped that the Quilpie Sporting Clays Club Inc. will attract residents and tourists for some healthy competition.

IOR recognises that local events and causes help regional communities build comradery, stimulate local economies, and create opportunities to showcase talents.

IOR is proud to support the new club, and community hub, by donating funds to acquire two clay target throwers. Successfully securing the new clay throwers has helped to create excitement in Quilpie and the greater community.


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IOR is committed to not only working within local communities, but also being an active participant of them. Through our corporate social responsibility program, IOR actively seeks opportunities to give back to the communities in which it operates to improve peoples wellbeing and save lives.