Q1 2020/21 Community Support Update

IOR recognises the importance of the relationships we have built over time with the communities in which we operate. These relationships are the backbone of our success and continued growth.

We are pleased to share our latest work and achievements with our very first Community Support Update which reflects on July, August, and September of this year. Within the update we introduce the IOR Community Support Model. The model establishes all of IOR’s community focused policies into three sections of support: Direct, Social and Economic. Consolidating our focus will help IOR to excel in these areas whereby creating joint value between IOR and the communities in which we operate.

IOR has recently started developing our first “Reflect” Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This plan forms a framework for organisations to actively contribute to the national reconciliation movement. Reflect is the first stage which will allow IOR to scope and build relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander stakeholders, including staff and external parties, that are sustainable and mutually beneficial.

We’re excited to begin this journey at IOR and look forward to sharing further details soon.


Download the Community Support Update



Should you have any questions about this Community Support Update, we welcome your enquiry either via your IOR Account Manager of our website at www.ior.com.au/contact.