Lytton Terminal

IOR’s Lytton Terminal is located near the Port of Brisbane

The facility was constructed in the mid-1980s and was acquired by IOR in 2008 following the closure of the Moonie to Brisbane oil pipeline. It has a maximum capacity of 50 million litres and it is currently used for the storage of crude oil. The crude oil stored in Lytton is sourced from local producers as well as importers. Crude oil stock is on-sold to other refiners who produce petroleum based products.

The facility is operated by IOR and is complete with a road tanker unloading bay, on-site offices, the crude oil storage tank with floating roof, and transfer pumps to distribute the product to the local refineries.


Corner of Tanker Street and Port Drive,
Port of Brisbane, Lytton, QLD 4178

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Site Contact Details

Site Supervisor

Phone: 07 3396 4261
Mobile: 0410 721 411 (24 hrs)
Email: [email protected]

Head Office & Community Liaison

Phone: 1300 457 467
Email: [email protected]

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We provide updates about the Lytton Terminal for the Lytton and Port of Brisbane Community six-monthly. Click below to read the latest updates.

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